For both corded and cordless drills.
The DMS26 was specially designed to be a sturdy, accurate and reliable drill stand.
The major structural components (main head and base) are cast from grey iron, thereby virtually eliminating vibration and resulting in true clean boring to professional standards. The DMS26 has a built-in adjustment block to eliminate rotational movement of the headstock. The 43mm collar diameter allows for all popular drills to be securely clamped. By rotating through 180 degrees, the main headstock can be positioned to work over the edge of the work bench to allow for oversized work pieces such as doors, window frames and fencing. The positive and lockable depth stop enables repetitive drilling to be carried out with ease.



The optional mortice kit further enhances this machine's capabilities. Morticing to °" capacity in both soft and hard woods can be achieved speedily and efficiently.

PLEASE NOTE: We only recommend the use of Record Power mortice chisel and bits.