HC 260 M Planer/Thicknesser
Robust quality for the first-time owner: this combined planer/thicknesser offers you many ways to individually work your timber.
Rough-sawn timber is planed flat and square with 0 - 3 mm chip removal. The planing fence tilts from 90° through 45° and adjusts parallel to the direction of feed.
The two planer blades have two cutting edges and can be reversed.
The Thicknessing bed is stainless steel faced and adjusts steplessly to a height of 160 mm. Max. chip removal for thicknessing is 4 mm. A strong feed drive feeds several workpieces smooth and evenly at the same time.
Planing beds, thicknesser bed, and machine housing are made of strongly ripped die-cast aluminium.



HC 260 M

Machine dimensions L x W x H

1110 x 660 x 970 mm

Working height on workstand

845 mm

Planing beds L x B

1090 x 260 mm

Material planing beads

cast aluminium

Depth of cut

0 - 3 mm

Jointing fence tilt

90 - 45°

Thicknessing bed length/width

400 x 260 mm

Material thicknessing bed

cast aluminium + stainless steel

Depth of cut - thicknessing

max. 4 mm

Thicknesser height/width

160 x 260 mm

Thicknesser feed rate

5 m/min

Thicknesser feed gear clutch



63 mm

Cutterblock speed

6500 U/min

No. of planner blades



65 kg

Motor capacity

230 Volt

Motor capacity P1

2.2 kw S6 40%

Motor capacity P2

1.5 kw S1 100%

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