Scheppach hms 2600ci

Whether stationary or mobile*: the hms 2600 ci is the most efficient and cost effective planer & thicknesser available for the professional user; serious home woodworkers and educational workshops.

Perfect planing results are garanteed. See above and opposite for details of schepach's unique patented feed and cutting system, which ensures the best possible finish irrespective of the timbers used. Feed roller indentation marks are totally eliminated and the moderately set feed speed of 5m/min combined with 13000 cuts per miniute garantee the best finish by far compared to any other machine in it's class.

These special features are enhanced by superb power and stability. Cast iron tables and powerful outstanding performance of this robust classic machine.

Adjustment of the thickness table height can be set to within 1/10th mm allowing for a "super fine" final finish. Perfect when you are working on wild grain timbers!

Whether you are looking for the best working capacity combined with the best quality finish; or economicalprice: you get it all with the new scheppach hms 2600 ci.

*Purchace optional wheel base is mobility required.

Scheppach hms 2600ci


Heavy duty machined CAST IRON tables (easily and accurately adjustable).

Unique vulcanized rubber feed system on the thicknessing mode.

250 mm x 210 mm thicknessing capacity.

5 mm stock removal.

Powerfull 3,4 HP motor for constant feed in both hard and soft timbers.

Large proffesional planing fence.

CAST IRON thicknessing table adjustment to 1/10 mm for super fine finishing.

135 kg making the machine very stable and free from vibration.

GS tested / Wood dust tested.

Scheppach hms 2600ci

Serrated in-feed roller leaves indentation marks in the workpiece.
Thickness planers equipped with serrated in-feed pressure rollers always leave indentation marks in the workpiece which have to be removed by sanding. If not removed, the ripples left by the feed roller is exaggerated when the wood is painted or varnished.

The paternted scheppach system eliminates roller indentation marks and offers other advantages found only on a scheppach planer.
Scheppach planers are equipped with thick rubber sleeves which are vulcanized on to the twin feed rollers. The system totally eliminates every trace of indentation marks which are common with other planers. With the possibility of adjusting the thickness tanle to within 1/10th mm a super fine finishing cut is possiblegiveing the best finish even on wild grain timbers. By possitioning the feed roller simmediately adjacent to the cutterblock, pieces as small as 100 mm (4") can be thicknessed. It is even possible to thickness down as thick as 3 mm (1/8"). With a simple jig it is possible to thickness down to 1 mm!
No other planer gives you the scheppach finish!

NOW CALLED "Plana 3" in blue and grey.

Standard equipment

Powder-coated base, surfacing tables and thicknessing table made of grey cast iron, discharge table tiltable, planing fence adjustable and tiltable, rubber-lined feed rollers, cutter block with two HSS planing knives, intergrateddischarge hood for surfacing and thicknessing planing, tool for knife changing a part of standard equipment.

Test certificates

CE, GS, Wood dust tested.

Technical Data
Dimensions L/W/H mm
Surfacing table size mm
Table height mm
Thicknessing table size mm
Drive speed
-Plane Shaft rpm
Feed speed m/min
Suction connector mm
Weight approx. kg

1040 x 310
430 x 250

Planing data
Surface planing:
Plane width mm
Max. Stock removal mm

Clearance height/width mm
Max. stock removal mm



Input kW (HP)
Output kW (HP)
Motor protection
Switch/plug unit
with no volt release

50 Hz
2,5 (3,4)
1,8 (2,5)

400 V/50 Hz
2,5 (3,4)
1,8 (2,5)


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