AFS-1000 - Air Filtration System


Also AFS500 PRICE: £170+VAT

AFS-1000 Air Filtration System

  • Features an infared remote control system to adjust the three speeds, timer on/off.

  • Quietly cleans and filters the air in your shop while you work. Filtering 98% of all particles 5 microns in size and 85% of all particles 1 micron in size.
  • Use in conjuction with a JET dust collector for maximum dust control.
  • Comes as standard with an electrostatic filter.
  • Filters are easily replaceable, no tools required.
  • The inner filter can be blown out with compressed air or washed.
  • AFS 1000 has the capacity to filter the air in a 50m3 room within five minutes or up to 10 times an hour.
  • You can hang the air filtration system from the celing or set it on a workbench (hardware included)


Stock Number 230v

708620 M



Volume flow: m3/min

20, 15, 12

Programmable operating time:

2.4 u. 8 Stunden

Outer Filter:

5 micron

Inner filter:

1 micron

Overall dimensions:

768 x 610 x 305mm

Motor: P2

0.16 HP / S1 100%



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