LittleRat LR1 - With integral 'point & shoot' dovetail jig.

Max clamping width:

46cm (18")

Max depth of cut:

5cm (2")

Max router travel:

20cm (8")

Wall space required:

50" x 60"

Dovetail angle:

Fixed 1-in-7 (8")



We set ourselves the task of making a dovetailer that you could take from the box, hang it on the wall, and have a perfect ring of fine dovetail joints.
The LittleRat features a totally new and original way of making dovetails. The machine face is marked with pencil lines, these lines are aligned with the clear cursor, At each intersection a joint is cut.
The sockets are cut straight through using a dovetail bit with the straight edges guiding the plate. The guide rails are then switched left for right and positioned according to the scale.
The pins are cut with a straight bit. Now the angled sides of the Guide Rails steer the pass.

Elegant Joints.
Using our unique 1-in-7 dovetail bit range, the LittleRat is the only dovetailer to make such elegant joints in stock from 1/4" to 1 1/4" thick.
You can include any reasonable number of joints and the pitch is infinitely variable.
The LittleRat jig uses WoodRat cutters, because they are the finest available and form a complete set from 4mm to 16mm diameterall at 1-in-7 slope as a standard cabinet making practice.

The LittleRat Kit

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