• 240 Volts
• 25 watt motors


• 220mm x 205mm x 172mm
• Weight 3.3kg

The motor is spark protected and ingress protected to IP44 standards. The outer case is Powder coated for a long life. The filter media is made from polyvee glass and is flame retardent.


We all know dust is a health problem, we also know that not everybody takes the appropriate precautions to protect themselves.
Cost is one of the excuses used in the past, well it's not an excuse anymore, at less than £100 including 17.5% VAT everyone can afford to look after their lungs.
Designed to be used near to the work in progress the MC100 is very small, yet powerfull. It can be stood on the workbench or on a shelf, and when using machinerysuch as mini routers whilst carving, fretsaw, bandsaw or any other machine that produces the fine dust that is a danger to your health the MC100 will filter the dust from the air, leaving your workshop a much more healthier & pleasent place to be in.
It is capable of filtering a 10 cubic metre workshop by itself, but can be used in a larger workshop that already has filtration to remove dust at it's sorce.

When decorating indoors the MC100 can be used to keep dust levels down when sanding doors, windows or skirting.

Although woodworkers are our main customers because of the toxic nature of timber, we do have customers in many different fields that use the microclene air filters, Horse Stables, Grinding, Pollishing, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Printing Works, Paper Recycling, Electronics, Hospitals, Porcelain Repairers, Airbrushing, etc...



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