• 2 x 240 volt
• 60 watt motors
• IEC socket for connection
  of power lead (supplied)


• 630mm long
• 310mm diameter
• Boxed 725 x 365 x 365mm.
• Weight 13 kgs.


The MC800 is very versatile and can be used as a workshop air filter, or a directional filter over the lathe or bench. It will filter 800 cubic metres of air per hour.

As a workshop filter it can cope with a 2800 cu ft (80 cu mtr) room, that is just a little larger than a double garage. As each motor is independently switched the MC800 can be run on both motors when dust is being created, and one motor when the air has been filtered.

For the lathe work it is best hung 24" (600mm) above spindle height and a suitable distance behind the lathe. When bowlturning only the motor near the headstock need be used, whilst spindle turning both motors are used. The MC800 can cope with a 48" (1200mm) bed length lathe.

The MC2800 is a British made, award ambient air filter. Filtering a variety of fine dust that can cause health and maintenance problems, the MC2800 is a breath of fresh air for the industry.

The MC2800 houses powerful twin centrifugal motors which can filter 2800 cubic metres of air per hour.

A single unit is suitable for filtering a 600 cubic metre workshop space. It is economical whilst retaining the highest level of efficiency.

The galvanised construction of the MC2800 ensures a long life and it is fitted with four strong eye bolts for fixing in place.


THE MC2800


• 240 volt
• 2 x 165 watt motors
• 4 metre power lead (supplied)


• 100 x 500 x 450mm
• 310mm diameter.
• Weight 27 kgs.

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