Plano 1100

Plano 1250

Seamless glues surfaces - Scheppach Plano glue press.

Scheppach Plano four way glue press cannot be compared to anything else.
A petented internal linkage garantees that equal preasure is applied to all four sides of the work project at the turn of a handwheel. All glueing problems, such as warping or bowing and unilteral stretching are eliminated. If you want perfect glueing results you have one choice - Scheppach Plano. Now you can convert seperate parts into one large flat, seamless surface just as though they were made from a single piece. The pressure point is always at the centre of the workpiece and the presure - up to 800 kp - is evenly distributed on all sides.

Use the wall as your working surface. Scheppach Plano glue is wall mounted and therefore saves you space. With two presses mounted on the wall rail you can perfectly glue pieces together up to 800 mm in length. For longer legnths just add the number of presses and wall rails according to your work requirement.

Plano Glue Press

Plano Glue Press



Patented lever arm system made of aluminiumand steel. Max pressure 800 kp.

Plano 1100 start set
Including 3 adhesive presses, 1 wall mounted slide rail l/b/h/ 35/130/1,120 mm Max. workpiece height/thickness 1,050/120 mm Max workpiece length 1,200 mm
Order No. 8993 0102

Plano 1100 suplimentary set
Incliding 2 adhesive presses, 1 wall-mounted slide rail Max. workpiece legnth 800 mm
Order No. 8993 0101

Plano 1250
l/b/h 35/130/1,270 mm Max. workpiece height/thickness 1,200/120 mm Weight approx. 4.6 kg
Order No. 8993 0100


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