Reverse Tilt (overall adjustment = +5° TO 45°)

Unlike the majority of manufacturers, the SM255-t is designed with a backward tilting spindle. Working from underneath the stock makes for safer working, without restriction on the size of stock being machined, and without obstruction to the pressure guards of power feed. Wood chips are directed into the exhaust outlet in machine base.

'True Vertical' Rise & Fall

The SM255-t's unique 'true vertical' rise & fall system (patent applied for) allows for vertical adjustment of the spindle independent of the tilting mechanism. The angled tool when adjusted up or down thereby retains its position relative to the fence assembly.

Additional Features

• Interchangeable spindle
• Reverse spindle rotation switch *
• Digital read-out to height and angle adjustment
• Enhanced spindle speeds with LED display
• Positive stops at 90 and -45 degrees
• Twin-outlet extraction
• Power take-off power feed
* This feature will reduce tear-out, enable cutterheads designed to run over the top of stock to safely run beneath it, and allow two-directional shaping of curved work.

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