9" Tilt Arbor Sawbench

3 PHASE: £550+VAT

The robust ground cast iron table size 22" x 23'' has two accurately machined metre gauge sldeways. A 1 1/2" x 1/2" steel bar Is securely bolted to the face fact to provide slide support for the rip fence which can be quickly and firmly fixed In any position along Its length A fine screw fence adjustment and accurately divided scale ensuring accurate setting.

The high tensile saw arbor Is mounted in sealed-for-life bearings with efficient shortcentre dual vee-belt drive to motor The entire arbor mechanism Is attached to a heavy table apron casting and all alignments are made Independent of the base Two large handwheels provide fast acting blade control for height and angle of cut, with a positive stop at 90°.

Will take stacked dado head.

Stopping time less than 10 seconds.


Diameter of saw blade:


Diameter of saw arbor:


Maximum rise of saw at 90°:

3 1/8"

Maximum rise of saw at 45°:

2 1/8"

Distance from front of table to centre of saw:

14 1/8"

Maximum distance from rip fence to right of saw:

13 1/2''

Maximum distance from rip fence to left of saw:

8 1/2"

Table height:


Table size:

22" x 23"

Blade speed (ft/min.):


Motor h.p. (single & three phase):

1 1/4

Net weight (lbs):


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