There are many reasons that Triton consider the Steel Cutter to be the safest powered saw on the market. Firstly, the blade remains completely enclosed before, during and after the cut. Scondly, lock-out pins prevent incorrect operation and subsequent blade damage. Thirdly, the TCT blade cuts so clearly that the workpiece has almost no burr, and is immediately cool to touch. Finally, integrated leg sockets accept fitting of your own tube - cut to an erganomic and safe operating height.



Unlike an abrasive disc the Triton Steel Cutters' TCT blade dosen't wear down to an unusable size. The Blade will outlast many abrasive discs before requiring replacement. TCT replacement blades are readily available.

Whether you work with steel as a trade, or you enjoy the benefits of steel for your DIY projects, the Triton Steel cutter makes steel cutting easy and incredibly safe - in fact Triton believe that it's the world's safest power tool.

The triton Steel Cutter applies tungsten carbide tip (TCT) technology to slice through mild steel sections up to 50.8mm (2") square. The results are extremely clean and virtually burr-free 90 and 45 degree cuts. It's much faster, cleaner, more accurate and cheaper to run than an abrasive cutter - you'll never look back.





The speed and quality of cut from a Steel Cutter, compared to that of an abrasive disc, is like comparing a circular saw cut to that of a chainsaw.

The TCT blade slices through steel with minimal effort, rather than wearing it's way through, resulting in a much faster and cleaner cut.


The superb cut quality is not only a result of advanced TCT cutting, but also the ability to control the workpiece. Work clamps ensure accurate 90 and 45 degree cuts.

Outboard supports keep the work level during and after the cut and an adjustable scale and flip-stop ensure fast and accurate length setting.


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