WoodRat WR5 the professional joinery workstation.

Max clamping width:

76cm (30")

Max depth of cut:

5cm (2")

Max router travel:

25.5cm (10")

Wall space required:

63" x 60"

Dovetail angle:



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· Even spacing comes from the parallelogram marker, whatever the width ofthe workpiece. This is accurate enough, and super quick to adjust, particularly when you have a lot of graded drawers to make. They will need a different spacing front to back, and between each row of drawers in the chest. You can change the position of the pins with just a sharp pencil.

· The WoodRat automatically aligns the two boards so the edges do not "joggle" at the corners. The perfect alignment is built in to the way the boards go together.

· The WoodRat can batch-cut stacks of dovetails without sacrificing quality. Both tails and pins can be batch-cut, and no dovetail jig can do this. Batch-cutting realy pays off when your working commercially and making drawers in quantity.

· The WoodRat can match handmade work whatever size of pin may be needed. You can use any dovetail bit from any manufacturer, but we alone produce a full range of finely graded bits - they form a complete, graded, matching set.

· It will make any kind of through or half-blind dovetail, and even has two different methods of making half-blind dovetails the traditional way.

The WoodRat Kit


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